Wednesday, May 29th, 2 PM Eastern Time

How to speed up your sales cycle with automated scheduling

Webinar Autoklose and Proposify

Join Shawn Finder, CEO of Autoklose, and David Rostan, VP of Sales & Marketing at Calendly, and learn a simple workflow that you can use to book demos while you Zzz. 

We'll do that by: 

  • Giving you a 3-step automated communication workflow
  • Teaching you the tools top SaaS companies use to scale their business and accelerate sales
  • Showing you the exact ways Calendly and AutoKlose have removed friction from the buyer's journey to close deals faster

In 30 minutes, you'll get inside sales stories from leading SaaS companies. The webinar will be live and interactive. We would love to hear from you hustlers, innovators, builders, business and tech/product thinkers.

Save your seat and help us to personalize your experience:

Date: May–29–2019

Time: 02 PM EST (USA/Canada)

Shawn Finder always was an entrepreneur at heart. At age 24, he stepped into the entrepreneurial world and never looked back. He loves doing sales. Even today with a team of over 50, you can often see him giving demos.

Shawn Finder

CEO of Autoklose

David Rostan

VP of Sales & Marketing at Calendly

Your hosts:

David Rostan is a marketing and sales leader with a track record of launching and growing web applications and mobile products in Fortune 100 and start-up environments.

David launched and grew 3 SaaS applications.

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