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AutoVerify emails before sending a campaign. Maintain a high deliverability rate and a good sender reputation. Register to get our early, exclusive offer.

Proactively validate your emails

Crush your email deliverability. Verify emails in bulk using AutoVerify.

Validate emails before you hit send

Improve email outreach and deliverability

Improve domain authority

Pay as you go

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How to validate your list with Autoklose?

Verify as you go. You can initiate the verification process from your Autoklose Campaigner or from your Autoklose Contacts. You can also upload a CSV file and validate your new contacts in no time.

  • Select or upload the contacts that you would like to validate.
  • After the validation is done, in case you have invalid contacts those will be automatically moved to the "Do Not Email list."
  • Filter contacts based on the "Last Validated" field and use them for your NEW campaign.

Great Email-Automation Tool with a large database. The huge database helped us reach out to thousands of leads, saving us time. We really like Autoklose!

Aaron Ross

CEO, Predictable Revenue

Excellent support, excellent product! We managed to save 5 hrs per sales rep per week and land 30 new opportunities during the first quarter with Autoklose.

Ewa Stachowiak

CMO, SentiOne

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